Wednesday, February 11, 2009

22 Words

I read this and found it kinda funny. See if you can come up with any more.

22 English words that still exist almost entirely because of hymns and the King James Bible
By Abraham Piper on Language
(A guest post by Joe Rigney)
1. Verily
2. Buffet
3. Diadem
4. Beseech
5. Balm
6. Ebenezer
7. Hark!
8. Begotten
9. Hither
10. Admonish
11. Gird
12. Want (as in “lack”)
13. Hallowed
14. Firmament
15. Brethren
16. Bulwark
17. Countenance
18. Quickening
19. Adjure
20. Brimstone
21. Surety
22. Goad

What others can you think of?


kuliejellogg said...

How about "lest"? Don't hear that one thrown around much these days...

Heather said...

I submit "Heav'n" and "giv'n"

Tracy and Adam said...

And e'er as in "ever." Does that exist other than in hymns??? I dunno. Anyway, yes we would be moving! Woo hoo! Our lease ends May 31. We are going to visit Lawrence in a couple of weeks, meet with my advisor, and get a feel for everything.

Also, I would like to hunt down the person because apparently there were in Nawlins on Tuesday....which my hairdresser today reminded me that it was friggin' Mardis Gras. Great....someone is parading down there partyin' it up while I'm sitting here in Oklahoma working. I hope they at least got some beads for a good reason. Haha. It IS kinda like Manana.