Monday, January 11, 2010

7 Weeks

If I had a post for every time I've thought of posting, I'd have a post almost every day. It is so much harder to find time to post than it use to be, but I'm still committed to trying.

Things are going well. Lily is 7 weeks old now. We are spending the days together and trying to get a regular routine down. Currently, she eats every 3 hours and "naps" for 2. 30 or so minutes of the hour left is spent eating, so that leaves us a little over 30 minutes to do anything outside the house. Needless to say, I don't get out much.

We spend our wake-time talking to each other, singing, reading, watching Baby Einstein videos or just looking at lights and walls. She has a particular affinity for a certain mirror we have above our couch. She will just stare at it and get bigger smiles than I can illicit. It may sound like a dull day, but I really love the times when she is awake. It's the times when she is napping that I find myself bored. I often struggle with feeling isolated and trapped. Just this past week, I was really struggling which has caused me to start this week fresh and start looking for activities to do while she is napping to keep my mind working and busy.

I'm afraid to share with you all what I've decided to do with my time because I'm afraid I will fail and one of you will ask me how it's going and I will have to share that I failed. about performance anxiety. Ok....should I share this...yes, ok....I am attempting to read through the Bible. I think this is my 708th time to declare that Iam going to do this, but I have run out of excuses for real. I have so much time and all I have to do is discipline myself to do it. I am afraid to ask for accountability, but I guess I should. So, feel free to ask me about it. Scary!

I'm rambling now, so I will just leave you some pictures of Lily. Amazing! Love those chubby cheeks.


Heather said...

Hello dear! So glad to hear things are going well (and even more glad we got to chat the other day)! I'm so proud of you for attempting to read the Bible through! I tried the "Read the Bible in 90 Days", but you can imagine how well my non-reading self did with that! You can do it! But if you don't make it...God still loves you more than you can imagine and you can always pick up where you left off! But YOU CAN DO IT!

And please, please, please go shopping while Lily's sleeping! That's why man invented infant seats that are so comfortable! I used to go to Target, just so I could get out of the house...Hadley and J.J. both were great about sleeping right through it! As a matter of fact, both their first trips to the zoo they slept right through! You don't have to be chained to your house and the crib! I say this only to save your sanity!

Love you, friend!

Jen said...

Thanks Heather. I started the Bible in 90 days thing too, but never completed it. In fact, I have started about a dozen of those plans and didn't finish. Thanks for the vote of confidence!!

I do try and get out. Lily isn't the sleep-in-the-carseat kinda girl, but she does stay extremely content while out and about. Already this morning we went out and it was lovely. My goal is to get out once a day, but sometimes it doesn't happen. I do want to keep my sanity though. Thanks!

kuliejellogg said...

Yo. Love the "Tell Me About It" article - rich. I had a firend whose third baby couldn't really relax in his carseat, so she put him in it while they were just hanging out in the house - like when she was cooking for instance - so he would associate it with good things, too. She says it's helping him be better in the carseat all the rest of the time. LOVE the pictures. She is adorable.

Jen said...

Well, Lily likes her carseat, she just doesn't sleep in it much. She will take a quick nap and then wake up...unless we are moving in the car, then she is out. So, I guess I could just drive around.

Melissa said...

chubby cheeks chubby cheeks!!

Love you & miss you and Lily & Chris.

How about a lunch date with Aunt Melissa? Maybe soon? Although I might just hold her the whole time and not eat. :)