Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lily's 2 months today!!

Lily, at 2 months you:

-weigh about 11 pounds...we will find out your official weight at your doctor's appointment next week.
-wear size 1 diapers
-can still fit in newborn size, but are most comfortable in the 0-3 month clothes we have. This all depends on the brand, of course.
-sleep very well. Most every night you go to sleep at 11pm-12am and wake up around 4 o'clock to eat and then don't wake up until 7:30. Last night you went to bed at 12am and didn't wake until 6:30, so hopefully you are getting closer to sleeping through the night.
-you don't really enjoy being swaddled, but we do it anyway because otherwise you wake yourself up with your hands. Until recently we were swaddling you with your blankets from the hospital because they fit the best, but you outgrew them. You are such an active baby and love to kick your legs and move your arms, so if you are really awake and not sleepy, you grow very frustrated with the swaddle because you can't move. You've also grown very good at escaping the swaddle. Most mornings, we find your arms free.
-we've gotten better at breastfeeding, but you sometimes get frustrated and pop on and off. You eat about 20 minutes and then take 2 oz of formula with each feeding. Sometimes you decide you want 4 oz of formula, but we try to only do 2.
-you are very happy! you smile a lot, especially when I sing to you. it melts my heart. you have the most amazing smile and you have a little giggle that comes when you are really tickled. you also love mirrors. you smile and giggle at the mirror above our couch. you keep your eye on it when you're eating.
-you like your paci, but only for a short time unless we are in the car. it calms you down and then you are done with it and spit it out.
-when you are starting to get upset, you let out bursts of sound that are the cutest things I have ever heard. your daddy and I laugh every time, even though you are upset. we like to torture you so we can hear you do it. ;)
-you've gone to church 3 times now. everytime you have been great. you just sit in your carseat. twice you have fussed and just want to be held. you are a great baby!!
-your eyes are really blue. I'll be surprised if they change, but there is still time.
-you have light brown hair. some days it looks more blonde than brown. you grow more hair everyday. soon you will have a full head of hair.

Sweet Lily,

I can't believe you are already 2 months. I always imagined having a baby and I can say now that it is nothing like I pictured...in a good way. Most days I cannot wait until you wake up so I can look at your sweet face some more and hear your beautiful happy sounds that you make. It is the hardest thing I have ever done, but when I look back over my days, all I remember is how much fun I had and the joy I felt with each smile and coo. I am overwhelmed with gratitude at the amazing gift that you are to us. Thank you, Lord for this amazing gift you have entrusted to us. Give Chris and I the wisdom and faith to trust you with our daughter. Please Lord, capture Lily's heart early so she can know your love.


joycebonnett said...

beautiful. . .

Kathy said...

How precious...she is truly blessed to have both of you as parents.

Love, Kathy

Tracy and Adam said...

Aw, that leaves tears in my eyes it's so sweet.

GateWay said...

Jennifer.... I just checked in on your sweet family. Your little Lily is absolutely a treasure! and that smile... so BIG at 2 months (now 3 I'm guessing?) Just had to tell you she is lovely, hope this strange weather is finding you all cozy and snuggled by a fire! carla