Monday, July 14, 2008


I LOVE craigslist!!  I have bought a ton of stuff there.  I like to think that I am taking advantage of the ridiculously wealthy for a good cause.  Kind of like Robin Hood.  I steal from the rich (because they have more money than they know what to do with) and my house (the poor) is better for it!! 

A lot of the stuff on there is so underpriced, just because people want to get rid of it.  Because I am in DFW, most of the stuff I find are from really wealthy neighborhoods and the people had their stuff for 4 years and now it is "out of style" and they have to buy the new thing.  Today I am going to pick up an 8x10 rug from pottery barn that was originally $850 and I am getting it for $175!  

Another great thing about Craigslist is the wanted section.  You can find anything here from: Man wanting a silky chicken--female (uh, what?) to Sunday coupons or Cow Skulls--in good condition.  There have also been some opportunities for ministry on here that I have noticed lately.  Someone posted about an apartment building that burned down and everyone in it lost everything but what they had on them.  The post was asking for clothes, baby items, donations of any kind to help them out.  Most of the time the people will come pick up your donations/thing needed, so you don't even have to do anything.  Seriously, its way too easy.  Just take a look and see if you can help someone today.

Have I mentioned that I love Craigslist? 


kuliejellogg said...

I will tell you tomorrow if I love Craigslist b/c I'm supposed to have some people coming by to take a gander at the piano. I posted it last week for free until Wes saw it a flipped b/c I wasn't asking anything, so then I reposted for $100. We'll see...

kuliejellogg said...

Okay... I have a mild fondness for Craigslist. My piano will soon depart to join a family with four children to bang on the old keys.