Thursday, May 27, 2010

Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Momma

Confession number 1. Sometimes I don't brush my teeth until right before Chris gets home. There have been many times I've seen him driving up and I run to the bathroom and's that close. In other news, we are thinking of getting rid of our dental insurance. Nice!

Confession number 2. Laundry :( Chris doesn't mind doing the laundry, which is nice, but I am usually left with the folding part. I hate the folding part. As we speak, there are two baskets of laundry sitting in our bedroom, unfolded. We did the laundry Saturday.

Confession number 3. Before I got pregnant, I loved cleaning. I would deep clean the house regularly. I wouldn't stand for dishes to sit in the sink. My closet with organized by color and my jeans and sweaters perfectly folded. When I did fold clothes, I folded them so perfectly that I wouldn't let Chris help because he "did it wrong". I washed our sheets every other week and our pillowcases every week. I was on top of it! My standards have plummeted to non-existant now. I put off cleaning the bathtub way too long. I rarely make our bed any more. The dishes pile up. The dust bunnies take over our floors.

Confession number 4. Since having Lily, I take forever to fall asleep, but once I'm asleep I sleep like a rock. I have the craziest and most realistic dreams. One night about 3 months ago, I was having a dream about peeing. Lily was crying and I woke up and realized that I wasn't dreaming...I actually peed the bed!! I told Chris about it and we laughed so hard. I was totally embarassed that I would do that and a bit concerned that I had lost all bladder control, but to my relief, it was a one night thing.

Confession number 5. I watch America's Funniest Home Videos and The Cosby Show every afternoon while Lily is napping. To my credit, we don't have cable so I would probably choose something else if we did, but these are the shows that are on. But, still, I choose to watch them. And I laugh at the stupid videos of dads getting hit in the crotch by their kids. It's still is!

Confession number 6. I've let Lily watch AFV with me before. Literally laid with her on the couch and watched the whole episode. Am I a bad mom?

Confession number 7. Most nights I don't cook. We don't have a dishwasher or I would...I think. We eat Chickfila at least once a week and sometimes more. I don't do fast food, so Chickfila is the only place I will eat.

Confession number 8. Sometimes I sleep in the shirt I was wearing all day and maybe once or twice I also wore that same shirt the whole next day. I know, I'm disgusting.

Confession number 9. Every day I get up with Lily at 8am and then we both take a nap from 9:15ish to 11am. But, in my defense, I have to stay up to feed her at 11pm, so...that's a good reason, right?

Confession number 10. Almost every day I turn on Beyonce really loud and dance and sing "Single Ladies" or "Bootylicious" to Lily. I've even turned on the Single Ladies video on youtube and tried to mimic the dance. She loves it!!

So...what are your confessions? This is a safe place ;)


Heather said...

#2: Isn't that where everyone's laundry is? In baskets to dig through in the bedroom? Or the laundry room? Or the kids' rooms?

#3: You've lived with know you were WAY cleaner than me. Always. Welcome to my world, now. ;)

#4: I have pee dreams frequently, and I always shoot up in bed, frantically feeling if I really peed. So far, no pee. But leaking milk all over the bed? done that.

#6: If watching AFV for an hour is bad, call DHS on me. :)

#8: Currently wearing the same shirt I slept in...that I wore all day yesterday. It's 4:23 p.m.

Just thought you could use some empathy. :) I know hearing all that from you made ME feel better! Love you!

kuliejellogg said...

That is a LOT of transparency, and I love it! Now I feel better about the shirt I'm wearing that I slept in last night. It's especially bad that I consider it sort of "fresh" b/c I only put it on after my shower at 4:30 yesterday...

Rebecca said...

You've just described the life of every stay at home mom I've ever met...including myself! It does get easier, though. I actually get to wash my face and brush my teeth most days before lunch (and that's with 2 kids!).

Kassidy said...

You are officially a PROFESSIONAL S.A.H.M!!! Don't feel bad...I peed the bed at my mom's house...just a couple of weeks ago!! and really, why should we dirty one more shirt??It's just one more item for us to wash and let sit in the laudry basket for a week! And lastly...I am proud to know ya...I just busted out my old school Destiny's Child CD the other day!

Jason and Abby said...

I TOTALLY do the shirt thing, too!! oh, and the teeth brushing thing. :) Loved all that you wrote! Jason and I got some good laughs from your humor and because we so closely identified with all you wrote.